The Ebenezer orphanage situated in Maji Ya Chai – Arusha, Tanzanie

With the help of all our members, we have built an orphanage that can welcome up to 35 children. Built on two floors on the same land as the day care center, these children live near the director of the orphanage, Julieth and are supervised by two additional social workers. 

The orphanage has 40 beds, 4 showers, 8 bathrooms, a kitchen, furnitures, one room dedicated to international volunteers, a permanent water system, solar panels and a large garden! The objective of the Center is to become an empowered, self-sufficient and independent structure that contributes to the community at large. 

For this project, we decided to work locally with Julieth Kivuyo, an incredibly dedicated woman, that aspired to build a new infrastructure for orphans. We decided to  support that idea by designing a project integrated within system: a day care, small shops, a garden and a small farm. 

Discover our orphanage

A permanent water system 

The Maji ya chai village is situated near the Usa river. Thanks these conditions, agriculture is made possible, ensuring the autonomy of the Center!

3 shops

Near the entrance of the orphanage, we have built 3 small spaces for rentals. These small businesses allow for a small revenue to come through every month and simultaneously creates synergies with the surrounding community. 

A garden

Towards the completion of the project, a large part of our efforts, time and ressources were directed towards building a 1 acre garden on the same land as the orphanage. This garden is supervised by a farmer who comes 3 times a week to the Center. We have also organized workshops with him to teach basic agricultural lessons to the children and the staff! 

A playground

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