Day care center 

Situated near the orphanage, we have built an infrastructure with two classrooms, one office, 6 toilets and one shower. The objective of this project is to provide the remote village of Maji Ya Chai, a day care center for young children, that range between 3-6 years old, who haven’t had access to public school. Public or private schools are generally located kilometres away from Maji Ya Chai, which entails transportation costs or having a parent bring their child to school. As several parents from this village lack the time or ressources, we have decided to invest in a small infrastructure that welcomes today 10 – 15 children.

Since November 2019, our association has sponsored a young professor and social worker, Lucy that is in charged of following the children, teaching them classes, designing a program for the year and maintaining all the administrative papers. In additional to attending classes, the children have the opportunity to meet the volunteers visiting the orphanage.

The purpose of this project is to provide parents and their children a learning and protected environment on a green land. By maintaining the classes to a small number, we can have a direct relationship to those children and attempt to respond to their needs as best as we can.

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