In order to respond to last week’s flood at the orphanage (April 23rd, 2020), our top priority has been to send funds to buy foods for the children who have not only been deprived from their scheduled meal plans owing to their school closure with Covid-19 but also saw the Center’s food stock being destroyed due to last week’s major flood in Tanzania.

Thanks to you, we bought €3,500 of food and sanitary supplies in the last week.

Rice: 400 KG

Beans: 300 KG

Maize: 200 KG

Porridge: 100 KG

As well as cooking oil, sugar, hand sanitisers, soap, etc!

Our efforts to resolve the damages caused by the pandemic and the flood are not over. Our garden has been destroyed – a main source of food for the children!

Thank you all for your support.