Implementing a Water System!

Anything can grow in the Arusha Region! Located at 1387 meters above sea level, the village of Maji Ya Chai is surrounded by the Usa River. Agriculture is the main activity of the region and production can range from bananas, maize, beans, paddy, wheat, avocado to mango trees, rice and more. Many families have their own cattle and build a small agricultural business. This is exactly what we wish to achieve for the future Ebenezer Orphanage! We wish for the orphanage to be self-sufficient and independent, to have a garden in which they can cultivate their own food and sell it to people of the village.

FIRST STEP: Implementing a permanent water system ! So far, we have drilled up to 25 meters down and we need to reach 60 meters in order to find a sufficient amount of water ???????? let’s keep drilling !

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