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FLOOD: APRIL 23, 2020

Heavy rainfalls happening on April 23rd have caused a really bad flood at the orphanage, resulting in many material damages: food stock from the 26 children and staff of the orphanage have been destroyed, the crops from our garden too. This comes at a very unfortunate time given the confinement restrictions with COVID-19 and the […]

Covid-19: Financial support

Because schools and boarding schools continue to closed due to coronavirus, the children no longer receive their scheduled meal plans for lunch and dinner, usually covered by school. As all the children are back at the orphanage, the center faces increasing pressure to feed all of them.  In order to ensure the health the children […]

Arts & Crafts workshop

As we were back at the orphanage in September 2019, we organized several art & crafts workshop at the orphanage to stimulate their creative minds! From paintings and drawings to bracelet-making, the children got to express their own little unique world in many different ways.      

Boarding school visit

Visiting the older children from the orphanage at their boarding school ! ????Georgina, Lucas, Amidiwe, Gerson and Nelson are in their last year of secondary school and we wish them good luck!

New staff on the team !

~ NEWS ~ Meet our new permanent staff member, Jacob, a professionally-trained farmer & agronomist in charge of strengthening our water system, planting and harvesting. Jacob comes 3 times a week to ensure the growth and care of our 1-acre garden. With the objective to make the garden sustainable, this part of the project has […]


New staff on the team!

We recently started sponsoring and hiring Lucy, a professionally-trained social worker in charge of several things at the Center : 1) teaching lessons to the children, enrolled at our day care center in the morning. These 3-6 year old children are from the Maji Ya Chai village (where the orphanage is also located). In the […]