New staff on the team !

~ NEWS ~ Meet our new permanent staff member, Jacob, a professionally-trained farmer & agronomist in charge of strengthening our water system, planting and harvesting. Jacob comes 3 times a week to ensure the growth and care of our 1-acre garden. With the objective to make the garden sustainable, this part of the project has been the most challenging for us. From heavy rains to technical deficiencies in the water system, our efforts in the last few months were directed at fixing it and building a long-term solution for the orphanage to be autonomous and self-sufficient. Hiring a qualified staff member became a necessity for us in order to make that project viable. Jacob will hold workshops for the children of the orphanage so they can learn more about farming & harvesting in a sustainable way! These workshops will be incredibly important for children not only to acquire knowledge on the land, biodiversity and ecosystems, it is also one of Tanzania most important economical sectors.