We recently started sponsoring and hiring Lucy, a professionally-trained social worker in charge of several things at the Center : 1) teaching lessons to the children, enrolled at our day care center in the morning. These 3-6 year old children are from the Maji Ya Chai village (where the orphanage is also located). In the past, these children had been staying in the streets as the parents were not able to place them in a near-by school, pay for transport or take care of them throughout the day. The day care center aims to provide free care and education to those children in a protected environment. Lucy now welcomes 10 children per day from Monday – Friday! 2) Lucy also takes care of the children at the orphanage in the afternoon and on weekends, cooks for them, washes them and supports them in any way she can. We are very happy & lucky to have her part of our permanent staff !